Emma Jeffery

Your business is unique, the way you organise it should be too.

Verb: ēmendō (Latin) 1. free from faults, correct, improve, remedy, amend, revise, cure

Verb: ēmendō (Latin) 1. free from faults, correct, improve, remedy, amend, revise, cure

Emendas draws from the Latin verb “emendo”, and signifies the spread of improvement.

Meet Emma, Owner, Emendas

“After almost 20 years working in heavy industrial trades in Australasia, I know what compliance looks like from the inside. I also understand the importance of agility for SMEs in New Zealand to thrive and successfully compete against bigger companies, both here and abroad.”

Most business owners I speak to, fear the words ‘structure’ and ‘compliance’, concerned they will create bureaucracy within their business culture, or require an overhaul of how they operate. The truth is, the opposite is the case. A simple, smart and tailored structure for your Human Resources, Health and Safety and Quality Assurance systems will free up resources and increase the flexibility you seek for your employees and operations to grow.

Emendas, by definition, means improve (not overhaul!). I’ve devised 7 Factor Assessment Model especially for SMEs looking to put systems in place in a practical and affordable way. I can work with you to identify what areas your business can improve on and, together with my trusted network of highly-skilled partners, can help you implement the change you need, as and when you require it.   While it can be tempting to leave procedural issues at the bottom of the to-do list, doing so can result in your business being left behind and struggling to compete with bigger, or better resourced competitors.

Let Emendas support you and your business to next level growth.

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Emma Jeffery
Owner, Emendas.
BAppSc. Certified Lead Auditor. CMHRINZ, MinstD, NZISM Affiliate, NZOQ CQM