Equipping the new CEO with knowledge

Risk mitigation and a path to success for this new leader

To give a new CEO a better understanding of the state of play so they could start well in the company. Identify risks, opportunities, and strengths.
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Scorecard Assessment

The lowdown

A new CEO was appointed to this 20-year-old not-for-profit community service organisation. They wanted to hit the ground running with a great overview of the organisation’s policies, procedures, strengths, risks, and opportunities. 

To undertake a thorough Scorecard Assessment, Emendas conducted site visits and team interviews as well as other data gathering methods. 


The new CEO was made aware of areas of risk where they might have personal liability. Work on these areas could then be planned, prioritised, and actioned. The Scorecard pointed out opportunities for quick wins and also allowed areas that were already functioning soundly to be preserved and championed.

Overall, the Scorecard assessment contributed to the success of this executive appointment, resulting in improved efficiency and commercially robust performance.

Did you know?

Deloitte found that 95 percent of CEOs and 97 percent of board members believe that their organisations will face serious threats to their growth prospects in the next two to three years.