PEOPLE: Human Resources (HR)

Do you know if your contracts are current, and up to date with the latest legislative changes? Are repeating conduct issues holding the otherwise great progress of the company back? Do you have the right policies in place to reinforce the culture and performance you want in the organisation?

Your Business, Your People and HR Employment Law


Business Scorecard – Baseline Assessment:   Sets the game plan

Organisational Development:   Resets play and builds on team and individual strengths

HR Management:    Rallies the team and clarifies each part to play

HR Performance Management:   Clear continuous improvement with accountability

HR Audit & Review:   How does documentation measure up with legislation? Is it complete?

Process Improvement:   Creating ways to manage frontline HR internally

HR Integration:   Ensuring Human Resources lines up with Operations and Safety Practices

Workforce Planning:  Planning forward for smooth and sustainable play

Shifting gears is easier than you think

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