PEOPLE: Managing Employees in testing times

Good people management requires Organisations to strike a balance between Employers and Employees in testing times. There is a process to follow and the law and employment agreement is key to this.

The PEOPLE Process

  1. Act in line with the law and employment agreement terms at ALL times
  2. Employers cannot require staff to take annual leave without agreement or 14 days’ notice in writing
  3. Any variation or restructure must be proposed under consultation
  4. Provide employees and their representatives adequate time to respond to proposals
  5. Force majeure and business interruption clause use still requires a process
  6. Redundancy is rarely a quick fix – explore and discuss options carefully. Employment agreement notice applies.
  7. Amendments to employment agreements and conditions must be in writing.
  8. Keep in mind that everyone processes change and stress differently – always offer support and act with empathy

Employers have rights too

Acting in good faith extends both ways and Employees have an obligation to be communicative and responsive. The employment agreement will outline this.

Present your business case and support it with key facts and examples. Record your process clearly and show your evaluations of ideas and feedback presented by the Employee.

You are allowed to agree to disagree providing there is fair process, good judgement and reasoning behind your decision making. Always take advice when matters get tricky.

What if it doesn’t?

When evaluating your team structure and response to short term restrictions always keep in mind the skills and support that might be required on the flip side.

What if the bounce back exceeds expectations?

This requires us to think laterally about options that can flex with your organisational needs -through both increasing and decreasing restrictions or markets.

More PEOPLE information

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