SAFETY: Workplace Health & Safety (H&S)

Do you know if your Health & Safety practices are current, documented and up to date with the latest legislative changes? Are repeating incidents or lack of a Safety Management Plan impacting productivity or standing in the way of retaining or gaining business? Do you have the right policies in place to reduce your risk as a PCBU/Director and manage safety practices in the organisation?

Your Business, Safety Culture and the Health & Safety at Work Act


Business Scorecard – Baseline Assessment:   Sets the game plan

Health & Safety Management:    Practical and proactive safety culture and systems

Process Improvement:  Getting normal play done routinely and safely

Continuous Improvement:  Turning hazards and risks in to managed opportunities

H&S Audit & PreQuals:   How does your H&S System stand up against accreditations and customer/industry needs?

H&S Integration:   Ensuring Health & Safety lines up with Operations and HR/Employment Practices

Shifting gears is easier than you think

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