To keep things simple, we’ve engineered the Emendas Scorecard, based on a 7 factor assessment model that evaluates your organisation’s compliance level and offers tailored and measurable solutions to protect and grow your business.

People, Process & Safety: The Emendas Approach

Your people, process and safety practices underpin your results. You don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to your customers, why should you be lumped with one?

With almost 20 years of trade and industrial experience, Emendas understands the importance of flexibility and speed for SMEs in your industry. We also understand the time pressures and financial constraints that come with competing against much bigger companies.

Your business is unique, so your systems should be too. At Emendas, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor your Human Resources, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance systems to practically suit to your business. We expect you’ll be keen to see the return on investment from your efforts here,  so we’ve devised a clever scorecard system that allows you to see your compliance progress and impact.

The Emendas Scorecard & 7 Factor Assessment Model

If you’re looking to optimize your people, process and safety practices, or all three systems, we use our Emendas Scorecard, based on our 7 factor assessment, to take a snapshot of your business and identify key areas for development. We work with you to engineer a prioritised action plan that’s tailored to your business. It’s up to you what you work on and when.

How it Works

Step 1. INTRODUCTION: Getting to know you and your business – FREE SERVICE

We like to really get to know our clients and their business challenges, so we offer a free consultation with you over a coffee, or Skype call.

This gives us a chance to get a broad overview of your organisation. We’ll share an initial Emendas priority plan with you, based on the support you’re after, which will generate a proposed roadmap for improvement.

Ask about the 90 minute pre-qualification service, a great way to quickly snapshot and benchmark the current status of the business people, process and safety practices.

Step 2.  EMENDAS SCORECARD: Identifying key priorities and trends in your organisation.

Building on the introduction or pre-qualifying information, we drill down further into the areas you’re looking to improve in, using both document reviews and an onsite audit.  Once we’ve completed our assessment, we’ll give you a report identifying key trends across your business and highlighting priority areas for improvement. The Emendas Scorecard will also provide further insight into practical actions that can be addressed and actioned.

Step 3. PLAN OF ACTION: A personalised plan of attack for creating flexible systems and an agile working culture in your business.

Now we know what we’re working with, we get together with you to agree on a prioritised plan of action that is tailored to your business needs and budget.

You determine the level and duration of engagement from here. Whether you’re looking for help on a one-off project, or need systemic support over the course of months or years, we have a solution for you and, together with our network of trusted specialists, have the expertise you need to take your business to the next level.

Our mapping and scoring method allows you to track your progress as its implemented, and re-prioritise the plan of attack at any time.

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