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To keep things simple, we’ve engineered the Emendas Scorecard, based on a 7 factor assessment model that evaluates your organisation’s compliance level and offers tailored and measurable solutions to protect and grow your business.

Governance Compliance: People, Process & Safety

The Emendas Approach

Your people, process and safety practices underpin your results. You don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to your customers, why should you be lumped with one? We can provide you with a range of services to support the governance strategy. Reduce Organisational risk, increase compliance and drive continuity with sustainable operational structures.

With almost 20 years of trade and industrial experience, Emendas understands the importance of flexibility and speed for SMEs in your industry. We also understand the time pressures and financial constraints that come with competing against much bigger companies.

Your organisation is unique, so your Management & System approach should be too. At Emendas, we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor your Human Resources, Health and Safety, Quality Assurance systems to practically suit to your Organisation. We expect you’ll be keen to see the return on investment from your efforts here,  so we’ve devised a clever scorecard system that allows you to see your governance & compliance progress and impact.


Emendas acknowledges that business needs vary based on the size, industry and stage that the organisation is working in. Your business is unique – and your People, Process and Safety systems need to reflect that. Let’s be clear – this is re-engineering – meaning we are focused on maintaining and strengthening the culture and operations that work for you.

As we move our focus toward high performing teams and agile workforces we benefit from taking a proactive governance approach to Human Resources, Health & Safety and Quality Control; accelerating us towards our profitability and productivity targets and minimising risk – be it commercial, personnel or compliance risk.

Let’s gear up for growth, equip teams to drive and operate to the level of self-sufficiency the business needs, and empower each individual to take ownership and accountability for their role.

Here are the tools and processes we use to achieve this.


Business Scorecard – Baseline Governance Assessment:    Sets the game plan

Organisational Development:    Resets play and maximises strengths

Human Resource Management:    Rallies the team and clarifies each part to play

Performance Management:    Continuous improvement with accountability

Health & Safety Management:    Practical and proactive safety culture and systems

Audit / Accreditation / Prequalification Support:    What validates us to our clients, industry or ourselves

Process Improvement:    Taking time to achieve more with less

Information Management:    Access to what’s needed when it’s needed

HR / H&S / QA Integration:    Streamlined operations to simplify compliance

Workforce Planning:  Planning forward for smooth and sustainable play

Shifting gears is easier than you think

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First Steps

Getting to know you and your business – FREE SERVICE

We like to really get to know our clients and their business challenges, so we offer a free consultation with you over a coffee, or Skype call.

This gives us a chance to get a broad overview of your organisation. We’ll share an initial Emendas priority plan with you, based on the support you’re after, which will generate a proposed roadmap for improvement.

Ask about the 90 minute pre-qualification service, a great way to quickly snapshot and benchmark the current status of the business people, process and safety practices.

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Packages as flexible as your business

We have a range of service options and pricing packages to tailor to your needs.

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