People, Process and Safety

Simplifying people, process and safety; so you can get on with business

People, process and safety – simply. You don’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach to your customers, why should you be lumped with one? Optimize HR, H&S and QA with Emendas.

Emendas: Engineering simple and practical people, process and safety systems

Want Business Structure without the Stuffiness?

The Emendas approach to people, process and safety unlocks the agility and freedom your organisation needs to grow, and with simple and practical roadmaps, leaves you to get on with business.

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Protect And Grow Your Business With Simple Management Systems

  • Does the thought of even basic compliance feel overwhelming?
  • Are your customers demanding completion of pre-qualifications to secure their business?
  • Is your business aiming or struggling to compete with bigger resourced or accredited competitors?
  • Do you worry about the impact formal structures and policies could have on your company’s culture?
  • As an owner or manager, are you feeling the pressure of keeping up with legislative change in HR or H&S?
  • Is your business set up for growth?
  • Are you sick of business consultants that don’t understand the pressures of your industry?
  • Have you ended up with an out-of-the-box system that is either overbearing or limited for your business activities?

The Emendas Approach

Structure and policy needn’t feel stifling. In fact, having a simple structure in place is the most enabling thing you can do for your business and its employees.

The trouble is, if you’re a small-medium sized business in NZ, business compliance can sound intimidating and, chances are, you’ve been sold a one-size fits all approach in the past that just hasn’t worked for you.

With almost 20 years of trade and industrial experience, Emendas understands the importance of flexibility and speed for your industry. We also understand the time pressures and financial constraints that come with competing against much bigger companies.

To keep things simple, we’ve crafted the Emendas Scorecard, a 7 factor assessment model that evaluates your organisation’s people, process and safety systems and generates bespoke and measurable solutions to protect and grow your business.

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