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Emendas can get your people, process, and safety systems up to scratch. 

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Human Resources. Health and Safety. Quality Assurance. Compliance.

We have a no-nonsense approach to business structure that sets each unique organisation up for success.

No two companies are the same. And the governance of health and safety, human resources (HR), quality assurance, and other business systems should be adapted to suit. Emendas will partner with you to pinpoint what could be improved, create the best solutions, and implement them.

There's no point in policy without practice; we are implementation specialists!

Our goal is to equip our clients to self-manage their business systems, not outsource them entirely.

With the right structures in place and advice from our experienced and knowledgeable team, you will be able to take the wheel and drive.

We want to empower teams to discover the untapped potential in their own organisations; their invaluable human resources. With effective capability uplift, equipping people with the necessary skills for their roles and beyond, the recommendations we make become live, meaningful practices within the business—and not dusty documents sitting on a shelf.

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Our Toolbox

Our service packages have been finetuned to offer targeted, helpful, and effective insight and guidance that can set you on the path to success—self-managed, sustainable success! 

These are the tools we use to help businesses strengthen their structures, improve their HR practices, and gain the knowledge and tools they need to take control of their own governance.

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Partnership Plans

Our partnership plans support business owners needing guidance around improving efficiency, profitability, and company culture, ensuring compliance with any relevant legislation, managing risk, and other crucial aspects of operation. They are ideal for organisations managing growth, preparing for change, or just looking to introduce streamlined practices across their operation.

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Team Profiling and Performance

With our extensive HR experience and clever software tools, we can help you to ensure that your business is thriving. Our profiling and performance insights will allow you to keep your valued employees happy and fulfilled—and build teams that will work effectively towards your long-term goals. 

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ScoreCard Assessment

The Scorecard Assessment is a builder’s report for businesses. We have developed this unique tool to allow us to see clearly where your governance structures and business structures are working, where they are missing, and where they need improvement.

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Management Resources

Our library of documentation can provide business owners with gold standard resources that underpin sound employment, safety, or quality practices. Top-shelf documentation is important as a foundation for compliance, accreditation, prequalification, and just plain effective business practices. Our examples are relevant, in line with legislation, underpinned by national or international standard frameworks, and supported by sample data.

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Our range of workshops are about equipping business leaders to be self-sufficient. We can teach your team what they need to know about employment, safety, and quality control so they can manage, and maintain these crucial functions internally and efficiently. We want to see your business thrive on its own. If you can do your job without help, that means we have done ours.

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Advisory Board

Advisory Board services are ideal for companies in transition and those preparing for growth or change. Acting as independent directors and advisors, we can inform and guide strategy decisions, risk management, and implementation of policy. Balance and objectivity for your leadership team is an invaluable asset!

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Investigation and Auditing

Sometimes, a business needs an objective third party to identify root causes and make suggestions for improvement regarding complaints, issues, and incidents. We have a licensed private investigator and certified auditor who can offer impartial and helpful findings that help companies to learn and grow.

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You can also contact us to find out more about how we can help your organisation.

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