ScoreCard Assessment

The Emendas Scorecard offers valuable, practical, and actionable information to business owners, buyers, sellers, and brokers.

She’ll be right?

When governance structures and foundational business systems are broken, ineffective, or just not as good as they could be, businesses suffer. The Scorecard is an extremely helpful tool for business owners looking to know where to start with achieving the following goals:

  • Running their operations more effectively and profitably.
  • Improving their company culture.
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety or human relations legislation.

Additionally, the Scorecard can act similarly to a builder’s report that someone might seek when selling or buying a house. It gives an in-depth idea of how well the organisation is structured and how much work may need to be done to get it up to par. This is useful information for business brokers, those selling businesses, and those looking to buy businesses. For these groups, the Emendas Scorecard can:

  • Act as a selling point or “warrant of fitness”, indicating that a company has strong systems that are functioning well.
  • Demonstrate to the owner of a business for sale where they can improve their systems to get it fit for market.
  • Provide either buyer, seller, or broker with an unbiased expert assessment of how things stand. This can inform the decision making process for all parties.

So how does it work, exactly?

There are several levels that our clients can engage with when being assessed for their Emendas Scorecard.

One: A consultation with Emma, owner of Emendas. She will take the information provided during the discussion and provide a comprehensive report that speaks to the seven factors we assess. This includes actionable ideas for improvement and thoughts on how any changes should be prioritised for the best return on investment of time or money.

Two: For a more in-depth assessment, our clients can opt for a remote review of important documents like governing policies. This allows for more specific adjustments to be suggested, and helps to create a very informed report.

Three: This level includes a site visit, which allows Emma and the team to observe with their own expert eyes what is happening and how policies are being executed in practice. Seeing how things play out in person can offer extra insight and result in more astute recommendations.

What do you need help with?

We can use our seven-factor scoring method to assess your risks, strengths, and weaknesses in regards to health and safety procedures and policies, HR governance, and quality assurance systems. You can choose to focus on one of these, a combination of two, or all three!

Where to from here?

A Scorecard assessment is a jumping off point for businesses, a snapshot of what’s good and what’s not. The report also includes suggestions for improvement, beginning with the smallest changes that will provide the biggest results. It is hugely valuable information not only for businesses looking to level up, but anyone considering buying or selling—it can inform purchasing decisions and help sellers to eliminate issues which lower the value of the company.

Emendas offers advisory services, and we are more than willing to work with clients to implement the changes effectively. The Scorecard may be the start of a fruitful relationship! However, it is a stand-alone product and carries no obligation to continue working with us. Some businesses may decide that they are happy with the way things are and maintain the status quo. Others will be confident to apply the advice given themselves, making changes as they see fit. We love being able to offer our clients expert knowledge and perspective wherever it may take them!