Regional Business Partners

Are you eligible for business support funding?

It pays to find out! The Auckland Regional Business Partner network is set up by the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment in conjunction with Callaghan Innovation. It exists to offer support to Auckland businesses of all kinds through advisory services, networking opportunities, and funding for relevant training and support with a range of local providers.

Emendas is a proud RBP service provider.

And here’s some good news for belaboured Auckland businesses: the government has pledged further support during this difficult time under the 'Kick Start Tamaki Makaurau' and 'Moving Auckland Business Forward' initiatives.

This comes in the form of a sizable package allowing the Regional Business Partners programme to offer $3,000 of advice or planning support to eligible businesses and a further $4,000 for implementation.

Usually, this kind of support is offered on a 50/50 basis—you pay half, half is funded. As part of the COVID business boost, it is fully funded. This can provide a lot of relief for businesses striving to get ahead in challenging times.

Part of this funding will also see assistance for mental health and wellbeing support. Psychosocial safety is a crucial element for Owners, Manager and Teams and there are practices and strategies Emendas can help with that sit alongside existing practices to help you protect and grow - especially when you are feeling up against it.

You can find more information by visiting the Regional Business Partners website.

We believe that in the current climate, with labour shortages as well as COVID-related difficulties, getting the people, process, and safety (including proactive psychosocial health & wellbeing practices) aspects of your business in order is crucial.

If you’re interested in the RBP programme, we’d love to chat and help you figure out whether you are eligible once we have all the details of how the funding will work. There is always help available, with ongoing 50/50 support as well as the current funding package.

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