The Scorecard Assessment is a builder’s report for businesses.

It allows us—and you—to see clearly where your governance structures and foundational business systems are broken, ineffective, or just not as good as they could be. And from there, we can help you fix them.

For just about any questions you have regarding your health and safety, HR, and quality assurance systems, the Scorecard Assessment is the place to start. It can provide business owners with the insight and knowledge they need to achieve goals which might include:

  • Running operations more effectively and profitably.
  • Improving their company culture and ensuring that employees feel supported.
  • Ensuring compliance with health and safety or human relations legislation.

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Scorecard Assessment Services

Building on the initial assessment, we have an array of services to suit the different needs of unique businesses and organisations. Our extensive experience and expertise around HR, QA, and health and safety processes mean that we can give your business exactly the advice and support it needs to grow

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Overview Assessment

This is the foundational block of our Scorecard Assessment services. It involves an interview-style appointment for a personal assessment which offers better results and insight than a one-size-fits-all questionnaire. 

The overview assessment is the first step for help with HR, WorkSafe concerns, quality assurance, and pre-qualification. If you are starting from scratch, this insightful assessment will set you on the right path from the beginning.

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Do you have HR, QA, or H&S systems in place, but aren’t using them? Are your current systems out of date? This service starts with the overview assessment and continues with a review of your documentation to help you get it up to scratch. It is designed to enable businesses to strengthen frameworks around health and safety, quality assurance, and human relations.

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For contracting businesses, it’s increasingly necessary to be pre-qualified to secure work in their sector. This service ensures that our clients meet the standards for pre-qualification to submit tenders, and includes a hands-on site visit. Highly recommended for contractors seeking pre-qualification, it is also beneficial to any company that wishes to make sure that the structures and systems they have on paper are being put into practice effectively.

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Seeking accreditation of some kind for your business? This service is for companies with a specific goal: to prepare for the certification process. Many contractors and service providers are under increasing pressure to conform to industry standards to win clients and customers. Success on your first attempt saves a lot of time and money—and our accreditation package will help you to achieve this.

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Like cars, bodies, and pets, businesses require regular check-ups for optimum function and early diagnosis of issues. Our re-assessments can be done for any of the Scorecard Assessment service packages listed above. They provide business owners with peace of mind, highlighting any course corrections necessary to stay on the right track.

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Compliance administration support

Sometimes our SME clients don’t have the people resources to address the issues highlighted by a Scorecard Assessment, such as gaps in their documentation. This can take time and skill, and Emendas can provide it on an hourly basis.