Your human resources are your most valuable assets.


The term “human resources” is a twofer. It refers both to the people who work for an organisation and the department responsible for finding, screening, integrating, developing and retaining them. The practice of HR is about managing and engaging with people to ensure the best outcomes on both sides of the coin.

With current labour shortages and immigration restrictions making it difficult to find good people, a top-notch company culture can give you an edge and an advantage. For many employees, salary isn’t the key driver when it comes to choosing a job. Opportunity for development is very important, and HR should be geared towards progressing valuable workers toward their goals.

And good human relations are not just about making your workers happy, although that’s a good outcome. Gallup reports and other studies consistently show that engaged and satisfied employees and teams are more productive and more profitable. 

Conversely, the cost of inadequate HR management can be significant. Turnover is expensive! Depending on the industry and position, replacing an employee can cost as much as twice the amount of their annual salary.

So, it’s settled that looking after and retaining your people resources is highly important. This includes a wide range of tasks and responsibilities. The scope of HR includes:

  • Ensuring that you are attracting and hiring correctly for your roles.
  • Onboarding and integrating people effectively once you have found them.
  • Making sure that you are meeting all legal obligations and are aware of changes.
  • Overseeing performance and development for retention.
  • Conflict resolution, investigation, and disciplinary processes.
  • Workplace culture assessments and change management practices.

Good human resources personnel and systems will get the best out of the best people, to achieve both individual and organisational objectives. They will deal with issues as they arise, but will also be proactive in prevention. Additionally, they work directly with managers and supervisors to equip them for leadership.

There are so many moving parts to the equation. Emendas can help you set up your HR systems including employment agreements, job descriptions, policy manuals, career pathways, performance and disciplinary practices, inductions, workforce planning, change management and more. 

Work with Emendas to elevate your company’s people practices and become an employer of choice. We can assess your “now” versus your “ideal” HR situation—and get you there in the most efficient, practical way possible.

Activate Tāmaki Makaurau SUpport for Human Resources (HR) Advice & implementation.

Emendas is a registered provider for the following services:

  • HR and Employee Relations Advice
  • Implementation of HR and Employee Relations Advice
  • Business Planning, Strategy and Continuity Advice
  • Business Hibernation or Exit Advice
  • Implementation of Business Strategies and Continuity Plan
  • Implementation of Business Hibernation or Exit Plan

Eligible business may be able to receive up to $3,000 for HR/employment relations advice and planning, with a up to $4,000 of implementation funding to support the actioning of this human resources plan. Find out more here.