ISO accreditations

Taking the steps to ensure a good result

Review and improve practices and processes for accreditation
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Scorecard Assessment and customised service plan.

The lowdown

This manufacturing company wanted to put in place top-notch internal processes and formalise them ahead of their attempts to attain ISO accreditation. This type of accreditation brings with it many benefits. It reduces prequalification admin, introduces global best practice standards, and brings the company in line with competitors and key supply partners.

Achieving the relevant accreditations solidifies a company as a leader in their field. Our customised project plan identified and addressed concerns that would hinder accreditation efforts. It highlighted opportunities for workforce improvement and identified where operations depended too much on a single person.


This client increased their prequalification result from 44% to 76% in three months. They have established a roadmap to accreditation and are on track for a stage 1 audit in three to six months.

Did you know?

Organisations certified in ISO9001, a standard focused on quality management, are paid 7% more on average and 85% of them report improved company perception and demand for services.