Our range of workshops are about equipping business leaders to be self-sufficient.

We can teach your team what they need to know about employment, safety, and quality control so they can manage, and maintain these crucial functions internally and efficiently.

The Emendas approach supports and encourages self-sufficiency. We want to see your business thrive on its own. If you can do your job without help, that means we have done ours.

Our workshops in the areas of employment, safety, and quality control are intended to help you manage these core functions internally, guided by external specialist support only where there is specific or complex need.

Our workshops will:

  • Inform the development of internal resources across your organisational structure.
  • Demonstrate practices that drive efficiency, minimise risk, and boost profitability.
  • Improve workplace culture using targeted and practical tooling.
  • Provide confidence and peace of mind with risk reduction and management.
  • Help your team to understand their obligations around ensuring best practice compliance with health and safety, or human relations legislation, or industrial accreditations.

Anyone looking to modernise or streamline their HR, QA, and safety processes will benefit from our workshops. They are particularly helpful to organisations managing recent growth, preparing for upcoming change, or just looking to make their business more efficient.

The knowledge that our workshops provide can help your teams to reduce risk of the interpersonal, commercial, or safety variety. Education and upskilling your people aids in long-term retention of key personnel resources—your most valuable assets.

With our workshops, your organisation can be steered towards future-proofing for profitability, market agility, and resale. They are an investment in the future of your business!

Our Workshop Modules

We facilitate a range of workshops to educate owners, directors, and leaders. Each of these cover different skills and knowledge, but each is intended to equip people with understanding. We want attendees to go away knowing how to assess and apply core obligations and practices to their organisations. We want them to have the tools and resources for a DIY or supported roll out. We want our clients to have the ability to grow businesses on their own!

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Team Strategy & Code of Conduct

Intended to get teams off to a great and cohesive start after a big change or at the start of a new year, this workshop is a fantastic investment in operational excellence.

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Workforce Planning

Recommended for organisations going through mergers or ownership/management changes, this workshop allows management to get a clear picture of their workforce—what it offers and what it needs.

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Individual & Team Profiling in the Workplace

This session is an introduction to the comprehensive profiling and assessment tools available to Leaders in workplaces. Like any tool, it needs a skilled user to be at its most effective.

For Individual and Team assessments, see the Team Profiling & Performance page.

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Human Resources in Practice

Ideal for companies who need some help specifically in the area of HR or those who just want to make sure they are looking after their most valuable assets. This leadership development workshop is a no-nonsense and practical guide to human resources compliance and best practices.

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Workplace Safety for Leaders

Another leadership development workshop, this one is aimed at creating safe workplaces. When the leaders of an organisation are well equipped to manage and mitigate risk, everyone benefits.

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Quality Control and Self-Auditing

This targeted workshop is perfect for businesses gearing up for any kind of accreditation or pre-qualification, or those who would like to be equipped to internally check their systems and processes with an eye to quality control and safety. It is intended for business leaders and safety representatives.

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