Lacking the resources to pull off the projects on your list?

We can provide help and advice regarding employment relations, workplace safety, or quality control on an ad-hoc basis. Sometimes you just need more manpower, and that’s what this service is about: providing the resource when it’s needed most so you can get stuff done.

Are you selling your business? Have you purchased one? Do you want to step out of the business operations, or just need help to stabilise things?

Ad-hoc services are great for:

Human resources

  • Workforce planning when gearing up for periods of change or transformation.
    Reviewing organisational structures and capability gaps to allow for director-delegation.
  • Creating policy suites to help standardise the workplace.
  • Scoping and creating position descriptions.
  • Participating in the interviewing, selection, and onboarding processes.
    Career development and performance management.

Health & safety compliance

  • Preparing for pre-qualifications or accreditations on a tight timeline.
  • Setting and implementing return-to-work protocols after closedown periods (or Alert Level changes).
  • Risk identification and controls.
  • Incident and investigation support.
  • Ramping up your emergency preparedness.

Quality control

  • Pre-audit support and internal assessments.
  • Commercial risk and pre-sale process development.
  • Operational information and process mapping.

Every business is unique and needs different support at different times; that’s why we have this ad-hoc option on our menu of services. Structured plans are great and necessary, but not everything will fit easily into these boxes. We want to provide flexible help wherever help is needed.

Ad-hoc help can also supplement other services in our toolbox and are often helpful for those on our partnership plans who need some extra manpower for implementing the plans we create. All projects are quoted according to the discussed scope, so there are no surprises when it comes to cost.

If you're unsure how we can best help you achieve what you're planning or aspiring to with your business, get in touch to discuss the best options. Whether that's signing onto a plan of some kind or ad-hoc project-based support, we can ensure you're getting what you need to grow and succeed.