Team Profiling and Performance

Finding the right fit is crucial for productive and successful companies, teams, and employees. 

Combining our extensive HR experience and clever software tools, we can help you to ensure that your business is thriving. People are always your most important resource. Our insights will allow you to keep your valued employees happy and fulfilled—and build teams that will work effectively towards your long-term goals. 

The systems we use are centred around soft skills, a critical aspect of job performance that can so easily fly under the radar. It’s easy to let experience and qualifications drive your recruitment and HR practices, but those alone will not allow you to achieve the best retention, performance, culture, and financial success.

Take a look below to see the specific behavioural profiling and assessment services we offer, and how they can make your business better.

All of our assessment services are flexible and adapt to your business needs and goals.

Here's how profiling and assessments can work for your business

If you’d like to harness the power of the individual and team assessments in your business, take a look at our offering packages. From individual testing insights to bespoke workshops that strengthen your teams, we can provide you with the goods.

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Individual Personality & Behaviour Questionnaire

With our clever software tools, we can provide insightful and very helpful assessments of current team members or candidates. These customisable assessments and reports will offer a peek at the individual’s personality, soft skills, abilities, situational judgement, and culture fit.

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Role Target Assessments

Role targeting makes it simple to match employees to jobs—and all business owners will know that getting the right people in the right positions is invaluable.

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Ability & Reasoning Tests

We can use flexible and scientifically rigorous psychometric assessments to offer relevant and helpful insight into your people and candidates. Knowledge is power, and in-depth knowledge about the skills and capabilities of your human resource is hugely valuable to your business success.

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Team Strengths Reporting

Strong teams are the building blocks of a great business. We can help you to put together, adjust, and deploy your teams for the greatest possible impact and productivity.

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Team Performance Workshops

It’s team-building on another level! We’re looking at each member’s strengths and weaknesses, determining how everyone can best work together, identifying any gaps that need to be filled, and generally setting each team and organisation up for success.

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Profiling and Performance Package

Not sure where to start? Start here! This product combines the highlights of all the behavioural profiling and assessments services into one easy-to-understand package.

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