Partnership plans build strong governance structures and business systems.

These strong structures and systems are what form the foundation of a successful company. Many want to achieve this—but aren’t sure where to start or how to proceed.

We offer partnership plans which help businesses to develop and implement those critical aspects of their operations. Are you managing growth? Preparing for a change? Solidifying, streamlining, and improving the systems you have? You’re looking in the right place.

Our no-nonsense, pragmatic guidance can help you achieve the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced efficiency and profitability
  • Better company culture.
  • Knowledge of best practices and how to implement them in a way that works for your specific business.
  • Compliance with health and safety legislation and human relations legislation.
  • Risk management and reduction, both commercial and interpersonal.
  • Future-proofing of your business operations for profitability, market agility, or resale.


Every client and business is different and needs different things from their partnership plan.

We want to make sure you get the advice and support you require, so we offer a range of plan tiers and various inclusions which allow you to get the right help. Each plan is aligned with industry best practice guidelines or recognised standards. They all include:

  • Stepped workshop meetings to design and review your plan’s objectives.
  • Access to your Emendas contact via phone and email for advice, enquiries, and consultation.
  • Helpful updates on your industry, including relevant legislation changes.
  • Designated partner support—we will be an extension of your business.
  • Assessments and reassessments as necessary and agreed upon, so we can measure compliance and progress together.
  • Access to our helpful resources specifically designed for ease of implementation.
  • Plan reviews at 90-day intervals so we can determine what's working. This isn't a gym subscription—we want to make sure that it's actively serving the intended purpose.

Perhaps most importantly, all of our plans include proactive advice from Emendas. We want to help your company to create the very best HR, QA, and/or H&S plan possible—one that contributes positively to your business and its bottom line.

Our partner plans are generally 12-month programs, but can be accelerated when necessary. After your plan finishes, there is the option to move to a maintenance plan.

Please note that we have limited space for these. If you are interested in a partnership plan we prefer that you complete a ScoreCard Assessment or a workshop before it begins, so we can establish a feel for your business and goals. These plans are limited because they offer one-on-one, customised, and targeted support which is an investment in the future of your organisation—so it's important for both parties to be committed to the process and feel comfortable with it. Get in touch to enquire about availability.


Our partnership plans have three levels to suit businesses in different stages.

All of our plans can be customised to suit your specific needs. Get in touch for more specific details and to discuss what a partnership plan could achieve for your business!

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The Stabilise Plan

This affordable partnership plan is ideal for SMEs that have been trading for a few years and are ready to reach for the next level.

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The Growth Plan

The GROWTH plan is designed to help companies keep up with best practices and ensure they have the right foundations in place without leaving behind what makes them unique.

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The Performance Plan

We’ve put together this plan to suit larger businesses who have been around a while and want to ensure that their documentation, processes, and practices are as efficient and effective as they can possibly be.

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The Maintain Plan

Once you have achieved the results you were looking for, this maintenance plan can kick in to ensure you are not left without the tools you need to solidify all that you learnt and implemented.

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The Advise Plan

The perfect plan for business owners who have operations pretty well covered, but just need to be kept up to date and guidance as situations arise.

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