Building a great team with profiling

The beginnings of great leadership

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Solidify a new senior leadership team and develop strategic direction.
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Individual Personality & Behaviour Questionnaire, Team Performance Workshops

The lowdown

This company had created a new senior leadership team, a cross-functional group of leaders. They wanted to ensure that this important group would bind together well, choosing which parts of inherited culture and practices to preserve and which to change. 

In addition to getting their new team off to a strong start, the organisation wanted to modernise and standardise operations to make their mark.


We used behavioural profiling to understand individual strengths, how individuals could effectively work with other individuals, and the team dynamics. This information is especially crucial in this case, as a senior management team can shape and affect the culture of the entire organisation.

With profiles established, we worked through a series of exercises to establish preferred working styles and default settings. We reviewed these against the company mission/values,  defined management objectives, and spotted cohesive links as well as gaps where missing capabilities could hinder success. 

Did you know?

Gallup found employees who work for engaged managers are 59% more likely to be engaged, and inspired employees are 125% more productive than their satisfied counterparts (Bain & Company).