Preparing for growth

Making changes now to avoid growing pains later

Update, standardise, and improve operations and structure to prepare for growth.
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Scorecard Assessment and customised service plan

The lowdown

This client wanted to review its existing framework to identify weaknesses, with a view towards scalability for growth. A ScoreCard assessment allowed us to do exactly that, and we then put into place a customised service plan to bring the framework in line with new legislation and updated best practice guidelines.

The plan was underpinned with ISO principles to allow for scalability as the client expands and progresses. In the future, they will be able to diversify in their workforce and sector, responding to economic climate changes. An internal training and development platform will identify competency strengths and gaps, allow for internal promotion to support workforce retention, and secure return on investment.


This trades company is set to grow without the teething pains of inadequate frameworks and systems in place. 

Did you know?

Gallup says that “The great challenge for healthy, growing organizations, especially those moving from startup to scale, is staying true to their founders' vision while adapting to change.”