Health and safety practices are important for all aspects of your business.

Every industry has health and safety obligations. In New Zealand, these are overseen and administered by WorkSafe, the primary regulatory body for H&S in the workplace.

And every obligation, regulation, and piece of law has a reason (and often a story) behind it. The aim of WorkSafe is to keep all New Zealanders safe at work—whether that means in an office, or on scaffolding at a building site. Following recommendations and regulations isn’t just about ticking boxes, but avoiding preventable injury, illness, and death.

There is a significant return on any investment of time or money into health and safety processes or procedures. A company with stringent and effective safety measures in place can improve or maintain its public image, avoid the costly aftermath of incidents such as time off work for injured or ill employees, boost productivity, and create a positive culture that attracts the top people in their field. A safety risk is a risk of putting out defective products and results. It’s the risk of damaging your reputation.

H&S accreditations are increasingly marketable for businesses of all sizes. Additionally, prequalifications are often necessary for the tendering process—and health and safety is a significant aspect of this.

Navigating safety obligations can be tricky. There are many different regulations applicable to many different industries. Meeting your obligations is important and beneficial. But for those without experience in operational safety, identifying gaps is no simple task.

A culture of continuous improvement will help your company to thrive in the arena of health and safety. Emendas can help with:

  • Risk management.
  • Emergency response planning.
  • Induction training and competency.
  • Safety-based communication.
  • Site safety practices.
  • Contractor performance and engagement.
  • Self-assessment and improvement.
  • Internal maintenance and servicing.

Don't leave yourself and your team open to preventable risk. We can work with you to ensure that your processes are safe, compliant, and productive.

Activate Tāmaki Makaurau Support for Health & safety (H&S) Advice & implementation.

Emendas is a registered provider for the following services:

  • Business Planning, Strategy and Continuity Advice
  • Health and Safety Advice
  • Implementation of Business Strategies and Continuity Plan
  • Implementation of Health and Safety Plan
  • Health and Wellness Advice
  • Health and Wellness Plan

Eligible business may be able to receive up to $3,000 for H&S planning and advice, with a up to $4,000 of implementation funding to support actioning this plan. Find out more here.