Advisory Board: Direction from the top down

Sometimes a business needs an expert, impartial perspective.

When governance structures and foundational business systems are broken, ineffective, or just not as good as they could be, businesses will suffer. Emendas can provide advisory board services to help organisations comply, improve, and grow.

Boardroom Panel Discussion Illustration


In addition to overall business leadership and direction, Emendas can provide targeted advice and guidance in two critical areas: people and safety. We bring extensive experience and knowledge in the arenas of human resources, health and safety, and quality assurance to the table. This often helps companies to round out their strategic approach when used in conjunction with existing legal, financial, and other skill sets.

Are you looking for strategic compliance and risk management advice at a governance level? We offer exactly that. Emendas can come alongside you in an advisory/independent director capacity and partner with the existing board, directors, or executive management team to help with the following:

  • Designing strategy that will drive your business towards improved profitability and performance.
  • Increasing risk awareness and ensuring fulfillment of all legislative commitments.
  • Providing—and promoting—implementation frameworks that align with recognised best practices.
  • Providing balance and objectiveness to the governance team as an independent and specialised third-party consultant.

Advisory board services can benefit an array of organisations in many situations. A family business navigating pathways to board/shareholder roles or exit strategies, for example, would find the independent input extremely helpful. An existing board or executive leadership team may want to diversify governance skill sets and find the advice and direction to be vital for a well-rounded approach.

If your business is facing change, growth, or transition, our advisory board service may be right for you. Even if you’re just looking to optimise your governance and leadership practices, independent expert input can be invaluable.

Auckland-based businesses may be eligible for funding under the Activate Tāmaki Makaurau business support programme.

Emendas services registered with this service are:

  • Business Planning
  • Strategy and Continuity Advice
  • Business Hibernation or Exit Advice
  • Implementation of Business Strategies and Continuity Plan
  • Implementation of Business Hibernation or Exit Plan

Specific Employment Relations (ER), Human Resources (HR), and Health & Safety (H&S) services are available through this support programme.