Role Target Assessments

  • Design a role based on stakeholder needs
  • Model a role on a top performer
  • Translate to position descriptions
  • Create a benchmark for recruiting
  • Generate tailored interview questioning

With input from stakeholders, this assessment can create a comprehensive job target profile that includes a set of behavioural and cognitive requirements tailored to a role. This is a unique insight and extremely effective recruiting tool. This role profile is a versatile tool. It can help organisations to design job descriptions based on direct needs of the organisation and other linked roles. An advertised position with the same name or title may differ hugely between organisations, so it’s important to have an accurate and informative description attached.

Role targeting makes it simple to match employees to jobs—and all business owners will know that getting the right people in the right positions is invaluable.

A single assessment with pack and practitioner readback starts at $275, and we have concession prices available for larger numbers.