Predictive Index

The Predictive Index system is an extremely useful tool for businesses of all kinds. From forming top-notch teams to matching the right roles to the right people, it can supercharge your HR and take your organisation to the next level. People are your best asset, and PI equips managers and leaders to truly optimise their human resources.

The building block of the system is the behavioural test, a simple free-choice survey. Simple testing doesn’t mean sub-par results! This assessment packs a big punch of information for such a quick and accessible test. By uncovering personal motivations and needs, it can help employers match people to positions, roles, and teams. The results framework of just four key behavioural drives makes the results easy to interpret and apply.

Our Predictive Index packages are some of the most helpful and useful tools in our HR arsenal.

All of our PI services are flexible and adapt to your business needs and goals.

Here's how PI can work for your business

If you’d like to harness the power of the Predictive Index in your business, take a look at our offering packages. From individual testing insights to bespoke workshops that strengthen your teams, we can provide you with the goods.

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Individual Behavioural Assessments

The individual assessments offer insight into each person tested and include an individual placard, behavioural report, personal snapshot, personal development chart, management development chart, and management strategy guide.

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Role Target Assessments

Role targeting makes it simple to match employees to jobs—and all business owners will know that getting the right people in the right positions is invaluable.

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Individual Cognitive Assessments

Cognitive ability is the number one indicator of job performance. This specifically employment-focused assessment is an effective investment into the success of individuals and teams.

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Team Analytics Reporting

The ability to put together dynamite teams is invaluable. With team analytics reporting, any business can create the best possible combinations of talent, skills, and passions to achieve their desired outcome.

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Team Discovery Workshops

This service is incredibly specific to each unique group and its objectives within the wider business—a fantastic way to ensure that all teams are set up for success.

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Predictive Package

All of the insights rolled into one tidy package! We truly believe that all aspects of the Predictive Index offering can be helpful to any business.

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